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Medical School contact information

M4101 Medical Science Building I – C Wing
1301 Catherine Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5624 Main number: (734) 763-9600



Medical School Administration Offices

Brief descriptions of each of the offices are included below.

Office of the Dean, 763-9600

Dean James O. Woolliscroft, M.D., and his staff are responsible for all aspects of the administration of the Medical School. The associate deans and senior staff report to the dean, as do all Medical School department chairs and unit directors. The Dean reports to both the Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, and the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dean James O. Woolliscroft, M.D. 764-8175
Assistant to the Dean Elizabeth Daniels 764-8175
Chief of Staff Constance A. Bridges, M.S.I. 763-5202
Assistant to the Chief of Staff Leslie Simpson 763-5202
Project Manager Carolyn Moceri 936-9872
Project Manager Courtney Godfrey 936-3572


Office for Health Equity and Inclusion

The Office for Health Equity and Inclusion leads the U-M Health System’s efforts to find and address inequities in care, education, and research in Michigan and beyond, and to create an equitable pathway for individuals entering health careers, especially those who are underrepresented in health care. The office is co-located within the Medical School and the U-M Hospitals and Health Centers, underlying its importance to achieving one of UMHS’ strategic goals — the promotion of diversity, cultural competency and satisfaction among faculty, staff, learners and leaders.

Interim Associate Vice President and Interim Associate Dean 
for Health Equity and Inclusion
David J. Brown, M.D. 936-4240
Executive Assistant Peggy Wright 936-4240


Office of Facilities Management and Planning, 647-2788 (internal Medical School site)

The Office of Medical School Facilities Management and Planning has oversight responsibility for all day-to-day operations and maintenance issues within Medical School buildings. All facilities-related issues and problems should be directed to the this office. Facilities Management and Planning also is responsible for space management, the initiation and coordination of all facility planning, renovation and new construction on the Medical School campus. Other areas of responsibility include mail delivery services, material management services, and coordination with campus service providers including Public Safety and Security, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, Plant Operations, and the Department of Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Director/Facilities Officer Horace Bomar 647-2788
Associate Director Bonnie G. Brown 647-2788
Construction Project Coordinator Benjamin Bushkuhl 647-2788
Assistant Events Coordinator Christine Dailey 647-2788
Shipping and Receiving   
Senior Supervisor
David Gainsley 763-0251
Senior Administrative Assistant Kathy Henderson 647-2788
Shipping and Receiving   
Inter. Supervisor
David Quinn 615-1464
Facilities Assistant Virginia Schlaff 647-2788
Associate Director Mark Sedmak 647-2788
Regional Energy Manager David Shaw 647-2788
Inter. Administrative Assistant Michelle Slack 647-2788
Administrative Specialist Kandy Styrk 647-2788
Interior Designer Marissa Watson 647-2788


Office of Faculty Affairs, 615-6981

The Office of Faculty Affairs is responsible for all faculty personnel actions, including appointments, promotions, dual recruits, compensation and mentoring.  It also provides resources for faculty on: successful onboarding, the appointment and promotions process, leaves of absence, and other topics relevant to faculty life at the University.

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty  
and Faculty Development
Margaret R. Gyetko, M.D. 615-6981
Assistant Dean for Instructional Faculty Kevin Chung, M.D. 763-0253
Assistant Dean for Clinical Faculty Elisabeth Quint, M.D. 763-0253
Assistant Dean for Research Faculty Nicholas Lukacs, Ph.D. 763-0253
Academic Dual Career Program
Melissa Dorfman 615-6417
Director, Faculty Development Sonja Jacobs 615-7557
Senior Program Manager Laura Denton 764-8629
Director, Faculty Affairs Debra Komorowski 764-9140
Immigration Compliance Specialist Michael Olech 763-1766
Office Manager Carol Jarema 615-6981
Administrative Specialist,
Faculty Services
Karen Bertoia 615-2720
Administrative Specialist,
Clinical Track Faculty
Julie Evers 615-2541
Administrative Specialist,  
Research Faculty
Kim Leahy 936-1496
Administrative Specialist,  
Administration and Finance
Cherie Saunders 936-1498
Administrative Specialist,  
Instructional Track Faculty
Mary Wurz 764-8264
Administrative Specialist Kate Alber 763-0253


Faculty Group Practice, 936-3568

The University of Michigan Faculty Group Practice (FGP) was established in 1996 to combine the practice plans of 15 U-M clinical departments into one single integrated, multi-specialty U-M physician group. Today, FGP includes more than 1,600 physician members, and supports the U-M Health System’s tripartite mission of patient care, research and education by: treating more than 1.7 million patients annually in hospitals, health centers and clinics throughout southeastern Michigan; educating more than 800 resident physicians and 700 medical students; and conducting leading-edge basic science and clinical research.

Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs David Spahlinger, M.D. 936-3568
Executive Assistant Phoebe Hankins 936-3568


Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, 764-0277

The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies provides leadership and support for the enhancement of graduate and postdoctoral training programs in the Medical School. The associate dean for graduate and postdoctoral studies serves as a liaison to interdisciplinary, degree-granting and postdoctoral programs, including the Program in Biomedical Sciences, Cancer Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Immunology, Neuroscience, and the Office of Postdoctoral Studies.

Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Mary X.D. O'Riordan, Ph.D. 647-7005
Director, Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS),  
Assistant Dean, Recruitment and Pre-Candidate Graduate Education
Scott Barolo, Ph.D. 647-7005
Administrative Assistant  
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Joshua Daniels 647-7005
Assistant Director, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Lisa Gubaci 615-0342
Director of Student Life, PIBS Michelle Melis 615-6538
Director, Office of Postdoctoral Studies Michele Swanson 615-8643
Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator, PIBS,  
Manager, Office of Postdoctoral Studies
Lisa Fletcher 615-1581
Program Coordinator, Office of Postdoctoral Studies Joshua Meisler 647-5773
Student Services Representative,  
Immunology Graduate Program and Cancer Biology Graduate Program
Zarinah Aquil 615-4846
Student Services Representative,  
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Rachel Flaten 763-9368
Administrator, Neuroscience Graduate Program Valerie Smith 615-1783
Student Services Representative,  
Cellular & Molecular Biology Graduate Program
Cathy Mitchell 764-0200


Office of Graduate Medical Education, 764-3186

The Office of Graduate Medical Education’s (GME) 96 accredited programs strive to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for their chosen medical careers. The programs in GME provide residents with the knowledge, skills and values that serve as the basis for the highest quality clinical practice, lifelong learning, scholarly research and community service. Educational sites for our GME programs include the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, affiliated hospitals, and a broad variety of community-based clinical teaching sites.

Assistant Dean and Director,  
Graduate Medical Education
J. Sybil Biermann, M.D. 764-3186
Assistant Dean  
for Graduate Medical Education
Monica Lypson, M.D. 764-3186
Administrative Specialist Roberta Currie 615-1604
Administrative Specialist Lynn Donnelly 936-1201
Administrative Specialist Shiela Julin 615-1605
Administrative Specialist Claudia Koitch 615-2643
Administrative Assistant Trina O’Boyle 764-3186
Administrative Specialist Terri Schork 615-8593
Financial Analyst Joanne Thompson 615-2085


Office of Medical Student Education, 763-6770

The Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE) provides comprehensive support for faculty and students in the educational program for the M.D. degree. OMSE staff members consult with curriculum directors and special program instructors to ensure they have the appropriate administrative and technical support to deliver the curriculum. In addition, OMSE staff regularly work with medical students to provide access to resources within the curriculum and beyond. The associate dean for medical student education chairs the Component Directors/Assistant Component Directors Committee, the Curriculum Policy Committee, the Academic Review Boards and Medical School Hearing Committee.

Associate Dean  
for Medical Student Education
Rajesh Mangrulkar, M.D. 647-2861
Administrative Specialist Nani Hunter 647-2861
Assistant Dean for Student Services Tamara Gay, M.D. 763-3772
Executive Assistant Charlotte Wojcik 763-3772
Assistant Dean for Admissions Steven Gay, M.D. 764-6317
Assistant Dean for Educational Research  
and Quality Improvement
Sally Santen, M.D., Ph.D. 763-6770
Executive Assistant Barbara Blackstone 763-6770
Administrative Director Brad Densen 615-4856
Administrative Staff Assistant Kathleen Knight 936-1464


Medical School Information Services (MSIS), 763-7770

Medical School Information Services (MSIS) delivers innovative information services that enable faculty, staff and students to advance the future of healthcare through discovery and lifelong learning. MSIS staff work to improve productivity and the customer experience through the delivery of services, technology, consulting, training and support.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Ted Hanss, M.B.A. 998-0086
Deputy CIO and Operational Excellence  
Program Director
Cindy Leavitt, M.B.A. 998-0086
Executive Assistant Senior Sharon Moskwiak 998-0086
MSIS Help Desk 763-7770
Learning Program Erik Hofer 998-7757
Research Program John Brussolo 998-0086
Strategy Program Dave Roberts 276-8951


Office of Regulatory Affairs, 647-1576

The Medical School Office of Regulatory Affairs is responsible for coordinating efforts for regulatory compliance affecting the mission and activities of the School. In this regard, Dr. Hutchinson chairs the Medical School Compliance Committee, the Medical School Conflict of Interest Board, and the Medical School Institutional Review Board (IRBMED) Leadership Committee. In addition, programs and projects directed or coordinated by the Office of Regulatory Affairs include the faculty consultant contract review process, the outside interest disclosure process, and the eResearch Conflict of Interest Ancillary Committee review. In fulfilling its mission, the Medical School Office of Regulatory Affairs works closely with the UMHS Compliance Office, the Office of the General Counsel, and the Office of the Vice President for Research, among others.

Associate Dean for Regulatory Affairs Raymond J. Hutchinson, M.D., M.S. 647-1576
Director of Regulatory Affairs Pat Ward, M.P.A. 647-1954
Conflict of Interest/  
Outside Interest Disclosure Manager
JuneAnne Insco 615-9842
Regulatory Specialist-  
Conflict of Interest, Research
Dana Dyderski, M.S. 615-4199
Regulatory Specialist-General Diane Wilson, M.P.P., J.D. 764-0634
Regulatory Affairs Executive Assistant Angela Milliken 647-1576
Senior Administrative Assistant- 
Conflict of Interest
Amy Spicer 647-8372


Office of Research, 615-1332

The Office of Research is responsible for overseeing the clinical and basic research mission of the Medical School, including facilitating, coordinating, and developing biomedical research activities to enhance and grow the research enterprise. The office's principle functions involve the development and implementation of strategic planning and policies related to research investigation; allocation of resources to facilitate research; and oversight of the shared Biomedical Research Core Facilities, the Medical School Grants Review and Analysis Office, the Medical School's Institutional Review Boards, and the Clinical Research Billing Unit, as well as various centers, such as the Center for Computational Medicine and Biology, Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center, Michigan Metabolomics and Obesity Center, and Michigan Nanotechnology Institutes for Medicine and Biological Sciences.

The Office of Research also plays an important role in augmenting research activities through peer-reviewed bridge funding mechanisms, oversight and coordination of research centers and programs, and management of key advisory committees, including the Biomedical Research Council and the Advisory Committee for Clinical Research. Moreover, the office catalyzes and supports new initiatives in exciting, emerging areas of science by organizing major research events and symposia and providing seed funding to facilitate new interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as managing existing programs for the basic sciences. The Office of Research serves as the principal liaison on behalf of the Medial School to the University and other institutions regarding policy, procedural, and regulatory issues related to research, and promotes a work environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and creativity.

Senior Associate Dean For Research Steven L. Kunkel, Ph.D. 764-3611
Associate Dean for Clinical  
and Translational Research
Thomas P. Shanley, M.D. 764-5302
Assistant Dean for Research Samuel M. Silver, M.D., Ph.D. 764-2204
Senior Director for Research,  
Office of Research, and Managing Director, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research
Teri Grieb, Ph.D. 763-4412
Associate Director of Administration  
for Research
Jessica Durkin, M.S. 615-1332
Executive Assistant Senior Laura Hessler 764-3611
Senior Administrative Assistant Deborah Serafin 763-4412
Senior Administrative Assistant Paula Van Velden 764-2204
Project Coordinator Jennifer Hill 615-6575
Research Services    
Assistant Director for Research Services Chris Black, M.L.S. 615-1630
Research Services Staff Assistant Camille Mrozowski 615-8802
Business Development    
Director, Business Development Connie Chang, M.B.A. 936-1531
Associate Director Janene Centurione, M.B.A. 647-1461
Associate Director Debra Grega, Ph.D., M.B.A. 764-7815
Associate Director of Marketing Ann Curtis 615-9147
Administrative Specialist Susan Low 615-5060
Reporting Unit Directors    
Director, Biomedical Research  
Core Facilities
Cassandra Wong 936-7544
Director, Grant Review  
and Analysis Office
Heather Offhaus 763-4272
Director, IRBMED Judy Birk, J.D. 647-7615
Director, Unit for Laboratory  
Animal Medicine (ULAM)
Robert Dysko, D.V.M. 764-0277